Toner Architects

Kara Make-Up Unit

The kara make-up table for women who are demanding and sophisticated; they will be able to admire their appearance from all angles thanks to a collection of mirrors in a range of dimensions. a piece of furniture designed for their beauty with its sinuous structure supported by slim metal legs, antique gold finish. beneath the luxurious marble top in gold polished Calacatta, there are large, pleasantly-rounded drawers.

Kara Bookcase

Light is a magical element and one of the most difficult entities to shape and fashion, even for the people who thrive on challenge and always strive to extend their expertise.

This bookcase is the perfect example; it is a truly unique piece of furnishing, oozing style and elegance. The suggestive lighting is soothing, embracing and harmonious. Its 12 compartments perfectly exalt the beauty of art books, vases, sculptures, jewels, precious belongings.

Kara Desk

The kara writing desk was designed for people who love beauty in every shape and form. It was created for stylish homes, luxury hotels and elegant offices. The elements combine to produce a harmonious unit: the rounded lit marble top in gold polished Calacatta, the luxury of ebony or larch wood, the spacious drawers and the panel in wood and marble that illuminates the ensemble in a functional and suggestive manner.

Kara Table

The sense of grandeur attenuated to produce perfect formal equilibrium defines this dining table to delight anyone with sophisticated style and elegant taste. Its luxurious elegance is evident; the golden antiqued table legs have been arranged to gracefully support the substantial mass of the dual top; the upper part in polished Calacatta gold marble, is joined by the lower layer in wood. The wood has been skilfully subjected to a complex and sophisticated manual process performed by expert cabinet makers.

Kara Low Table

This is an impressive, unusual low table, admired by all for its intrinsic elegance. The circular wooden top is joined by a second top in luxurious Calacatta marble with gold veining. These are supported by a delightful team of slim metal legs.

The Led lights have been skilfully installed between the top and the leg, creating a suggestive effect in the room – solid and empty, lights and shadows.