Adapting to Turkey

Reinventing Local Identities with an Understanding of the Expectations and Customs of the Consumer/User

Using the experience of working extensively with international brands, Toner creates indigenous spaces in Turkey by using local materials, and has undertaken the implementation of the projects of many prestigious firms, such as Cartier, Façonnable, Zegna, Kenzo, Marks & Spencer, Nando’s, and Castrol.

Considering dynamic parameters such as the seasonal changes in product displays, variations in the product range of the brand and the increase in sales of certain products due to the shifting trends, Toner designs versatile and flexible spaces, and continues to provide services long after the design is finalized.

Toner knows well the importance of working with the right teams, especially in projects with international connections, and merges the experience of designing with in-depth knowledge of the local environment together with the talent of global architectural firms. Toner’s willingness to find new markets, new demands and new customs provides an exchange of experience in inter-geographical situations.